About Kingdom of Sand

Just a clarification about the creation of SL Groups related to any of our SIMs (Kingdom of Sand, Nomos, and Golgothica).
In the past we didn't allow the creation of any group besides the official ones.
In time, we have changed our position about them, so people were able to create groups.
But ... there is always a 'but'...
We need to know what groups are formed out there, and what is their purpose.
So we can compile a list for each SIMs , and properly advertise them thru the players community.

A few simple rules:

  • SL Groups should have a IC purpose
  • SL Groups cannot violate any TOS rules from Linden Lab
  • SL Groups should have a declared purpose within the roleplay game
  • SL Groups may be closed enrollment, but if requested, we SIM owners should be allowed to be part of it.

SL Groups that are not published in our list are therefore to be considered illegal and we may have to ask that they be discontinued.

So, please use the "Suggestion Form" to submit the following information:

  • Name of the SL Group:
  • Owners:
  • Group Charter/Purpose:

Official SL Group Owners Group Charter
SGS Info & Help SIM Owners Official SGS group. OOC Only.
Kingdom of Sand SIM Owners Official KOS group. IC/OOC Chat.
Kingdom of Sand - Knights SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Knights
Kingdom of Sand - Slavers SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Slavers/Pirates
Kingdom of Sand - Bedouins SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Bedouins
Kingdom of Sand - Citizens SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Citizens
Kingdom of Sand - Djinn SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Djinns
Kingdom of Sand - Dungeon Keepers SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Dungeon Keepers
Kingdom of Sand - Magi SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Magi
Kingdom of Sand - Mermaids SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Mermaids
Kingdom of Sand - Undead SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Undead
Kingdom of Sand - Prey/Slaves SIM Owners Official KOS Group for Prey/Slaves
Authorized Players' SL Group Owners Group Charter
Arabesque Cafe Azrael Siamendes and Brittainy Collins Staff at the Arabesque Cafe`
The Cult of Zin Ra Daphne Klossovsky The cult of zin ra is composed of devout followers of the goddess, they come to Ireem to show the people the path to the eternal flame of Zin Ra. They are know to be strict in their interpretation of the will of the goddess, making their beliefs known with their words, and occasionally with their swords if needed.
~KoS~ Thieves' Brotherhood Onyx Moleno (owner) and Sylentavnger Reanimator is in charge when Onys is not around. Our purpose is kind of all in the title, but we never steal anything in game without role playing up to it, so we are sure not to break any rules or piss anyone off ;). We currently have almost 8 members, I believe.
misfits wolfenstien Khandr channel for misfits communication.., an excuse for silly titles, group banter that doesnt need to go out to all djinn.
Fruity Trouble Owner: Trick Sugarplum
Officers: Nento Rae, Leoxis Werefox
To unite the clan of Fruity Vagrants, a safe place for us to share plans, plots and knowledge within the group without our enemies spying on us
Forsaken Friends tyr threebeards this is a clan for all citizens who are friends with the undead weather there spys, slaves,informants, thieves, assassins, blooddolls or protectors any one who is an ally to them and will help them and honor them